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Baharatlı Köfte ve Patates, Zhoug Tahın & Salata (Spiced Kofte & Potatoes, Zhoug Tahini & Salad)

  AD Meliz Cooks with Waitrose & The Levantine Table When I was younger, there was always some kind of delicious köfte-based meal on our dinner table each week, and I admired the way my mum could create a slightly different recipe each time she made them by tweaking her choice of spices, or the way she chose to cook them. I absolutely loved developing this recipe for Waitrose using spices and ingredients from their new Levantine Table range and using the tips I picked as a child by watching my mum in the kitchen, such as the flavours of her fresh and crisp salads and using cornflour / flour and spices on potatoes to give them a crispy coating. My children adore köfte, whether baked, fried, grilled or BBQd (fırında, k ı zarm ış , izgara, ş i ş adana), and they love them boiled and stewed into soups or casseroles too, so this recipe is an absolute winner with them too. The köfte are not too hot in terms of spice, but warm and deep enough in flavour, and are complimented perfectl

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