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Hellimli Lasagne

 AD |  Let’s make Hellimli Lasagne with Now that the colder months are upon us, all I want to do is get comfortable in the kitchen and make deliciously cosy, oozy comfort food, and this recipe ticks all the boxes. Make extra rag羅 to freeze (to save on time and energy consumption) and then reap the benefits of all your delicious efforts.   Method on my Instagram page (using my trusty AEG appliances, which I LOVE) 予  #ChallengeTheExpected  #AEG  #melizcooks  For the Rag羅 (this recipe makes a double batch of rag羅 so you will only need half of it for the lasagne, so freeze the other half to save on time and energy usage) 60 ml (4tbsp) olive oil 4 carrots peeled and very finely chopped  2-3 sticks celery, very finely chopped  2 large red onions, peeled, very finely chopped  300g chestnut mushrooms, very finely chopped  6 large garlic cloves, finely chopped  2 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp ground cinnamon Leaves from a few sprigs of thyme  1kg beef mince 200ml red wine  1 tbsp pomegranat

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